Ilan Shor is a philanthropist and Mayor of the city of Orhei, the third largest city in the country. Before becoming Mayor, he was a businessman, entrepreneur and the custodian of a family holding company created by his father back in the Soviet times.

In 1993, Miron Shor, the father of Ilan Shor, founded a company in Moldova called Moldclassica International, which later established a duty free system in Moldova.

At age 18, Ilan Shor became the head of the company set up by his father. Since then, Ilan Shor was awarded the title of businessman of the year several times to date.

In 2014, Ilan complied with Prime Minister Filat’s requirement that he assist in his plan to bail out BEM. He made this decision based on Filat’s promises that he would, after his re-election, ensure that sufficient additional money would be injected into the bank to rectify its finances. Consequently, Ilan Shor was invited to the board in April 2014 on the recommendation of Russia’s Vnesheconombank and elected chairman of the Board of Banca de Economii in May. However, as it turned out later Filat did not keep his promises.

As a businessman and prominent public figure, Ilan Shor knew of the challenges in doing business and politics in Moldova. As the full extent of the scandal slowly emerged, Ilan Shor decided that the only way to change a flawed and corrupt system was to take a leave from business and enter the political sphere, hoping to bring about change from within. Three weeks before the mayoral election of the cities, while under house arrest, Ilan Shor joined the fight for the post of the Mayor of Orhei. After an energetic three-week campaign, Ilan Shor was elected mayor, gaining a confident 62% of the vote during the first round.

Following his election, Ilan Shor transferred all his business assets to a trust in accordance with the law of Moldova, in order to fully dedicate himself to the management of the city as a Mayor.

During the first two years of his work, Ilan Shor has already achieved the following results:

  • Infrastructure: repaired 30% of the roads; improved the city lighting system from 44% to 100%; reconstructed the central park; developed large-scale greening works; built the first dog shelter in Moldova.
  • Social: introduced childbirth allowance 100 times higher than the allowance granted by the state; opened a network of social stores providing food at reduced prices for retirees.
    These shops are so successful in Orhei that they have now opened up in the capital as well.
  • Economy: worked to eradicate corruption, increased the budget by 25%; finalised a contract with an investor to provide 3,000 jobs in the construction of a plant.

In 2016, with continued strong support from the people of Orhei, Ilan decided to lead a political party called the Shor Party. The party aims to close the geopolitical divide within Moldovan society; increase the role of local authorities; encourage direct democracy of the people in government; fight corruption; improve transparency amongst elected officials. While not being a parliamentary party, the Shor Party has already started to implement active social welfare projects by opening social shops all over the country, taking care of the elderly and providing assistance to low-income citizens.

Ilan Shor is also active in the cultural life of Moldova, as the president of the successful football club Milsami, and a supporter of the Tennis Federation of the Republic of Moldova. His charitable foundation, Miron Shor, has helped thousands of people by funding operations for children and terminal cases in the best foreign clinics.

Ilan is married to the well-known Russian singer Jasmin. He has two small children – a five-year-old Margarita Shor and a one-year-old Miron Shor.