Kroll report:

In 2015 the National Bank of Moldova hired the U.S. business intelligence consultancy firm Kroll to conduct an investigation into the banking fraud.

The National Bank of Moldova commissioned the report and supplied information for the report. At paragraph 1.2 of the report, Kroll themselves added a caveat, stating that this report was based on information and analysis provided by the National Bank of Moldova and had not been independently verified by Kroll. Therefore Kroll could not vouch for the accuracy or completeness of the information and analysis provided to it. However, the resulting report portrayed Ilan Shor as having played an integral role in coordinating activities which led to the bank collapses and suggested that he was one of, if not the only, beneficiary.

Although the report was supposed to be confidential and made available only to the NBM and a limited political audience, the report was leaked to the public by Andrian Candu, the speaker of the Moldovan Parliament, in May 2015.

None of the reports by Kroll appear to take into account IMF report of 2012 and Parliamentary Commissions findings of 2013 which stated that the banks had been struggling with bad debts for a long time. Kroll reports also did not mention Mr Shor’s testimony that he himself had seen problems with the bank’s accounts upon becoming chairman.