Media statements:

“Sputnik” Press Center, a press conference was held by Queen’s Counsel James Ramsden and Nicolas Connon

31 July 2018, Chisinau, Moldova: Today at “Sputnik” Press Center, a press conference was held by Queen’s Counsel James Ramsden and Nicolas Connon, director of the British company Quintel Intelligence, specializing in business investigations.

The press conference was devoted to banking fraud in the Republic of Moldova and analysis of the report of the company KROLL, conducted by Quintel Intelligence.

James Ramsden and Nicholas Connon acquainted the Moldovan journalistic community with the main conclusions drawn from a thorough examination of the two KROLL reports.

According to them, KROLL reports cause a lot of justified doubts. According to the Queen’s Counsel from London and an experienced specialist in conducting business investigations, who are often hired by governments around the world, KROLL reports distort public opinion, and neither Moldovan justice nor political arguments can be based on them.

The arguments on the basis of which these conclusions are drawn are contained in the detailed report of Quintel Intelligence, which can be consulted in full on this link Moldova report


Mayor Mr Ilan Shor announces plans to fight back and defend his reputation – two London firms retained.

7 June 2017, Chisinau, Moldova: Today lawyers acting for Mr Ilan Shor, Mayor of Orhei, announced the appointment of two international firms to provide expert counsel in legal and reputation programmes which will commence immediately.

Speaking at press briefing at the offices of Infotag news agency, Chisinau, Avocat Denis Ulanov and lawyer Julian Balan, who have acted for Mr Shor for over two years, explained why they had encouraged their client to retain the service of London headquartered law firm Byrne & Partners and DRD Partnership.

Mr Balan stated: “Mr Shor has been under house arrest in Chisinau for one year following allegations that he had a role in the case that the Moldovan media call “Moldovan Banking Scandal”. Mr Shor has complied with the terms for his house arrest and has done everything in his power to cooperate with requests from the prosecutor in charge of the case and its investigation. Significantly hindered from his ability to fulfil his duties as Mayor and unable to pursue a normal life, Mr Shor has decided to act to defend, preserve and protect his reputation.

Mr Balan’s colleague, Denis Ulanov, stated at the briefing: “It is public knowledge that the National Bank of Moldova is investigating the bank collapses and that it has retained the services of the business intelligence firm called Kroll. You will all know that the initial report from this company was leaked. This Kroll report, which was self-admittedly based on information provided by the National Bank of Moldova and not independently verified by Kroll, portrayed Mr Shor as being responsible for the bank collapses. As must be obvious to anyone with a basic understanding of the Moldovan banking system, this “finding” is absurd and designed to deflect attention from those who have real culpability. However, the National Bank of Moldova has subsequently issued three further press releases giving “updates” in which Mr Shor is targeted as the main architect and beneficiary of the events leading to the bank collapses.

“This is wrong. My client was neither the architect nor real beneficiary of the events leading to the bank collapses. The true facts are largely still unknown in the public domain, extend for a far longer period than Mr Shor’s involvement with the NBM and include a number of other parties who already have Moldovan court decisions against them, and their names should be disclosed.”

The lawyers introduced representatives of the two firms. Byrne & Partners of London, UK renowned civil and criminal lawyers. The firm has worked on cases ranging from former Soviet countries to the Middle East, and from the US to Europe. Byrne & Partners has protected and preserved the legal rights of its clients in complex cases of fraud and state manipulation across multiple jurisdictions. The partners who will be leading the international action to defend the reputation of Mr Shor are: Yvonne Jefferies and criminal specialist Partner, Michael Potts.

Supporting Byrne & Partners will be DRD Partnership. DRD Partnership is a strategic communications consultancy experienced in national and international government relations, litigation support, corporate and personal reputation management. The firm is particularly known for defending clients against state-sponsored expropriations in the former Soviet Union and Africa against hostile actors working to diminish the reputation of high profile individuals through the use of misleading and inaccurate information to further their own commercial gains. DRD Partnership is known for its work in support of the Yukos management and its shareholders against a state-sponsored expropriation. The team will be led by Claire Davidson.

Mr Ulanov confirmed that updates on the work by his legal teams and that of the international advisers will be made available regularly on-line in the near future.