Present situation:

On 21 June 2017, ahead of the one year anniversary of Mr Shor’s house arrest a hearing took place during which state prosecutors sought a 19 year prison term for Mr Shor for money laundering and fraud. Instead, Andrei Nikulcha, the judge of the court of first instance in Moldova, ruled that Ilan Shor was not the beneficiary of the so-called Moldovan banking scandal.

The actual damage to the Banca de Economii, which was established during the trial and confirmed by evidence, is 2.7 billion lei, and not 5.2 billion lei, as previously claimed.

Judge Nikulcha requalified the charge against Mr Shor and stated that Mr Shor should receive a custodial sentence for misuse of his official position and breach of fiduciary duty. Mr Shor has not accepted this ruling and his lawyers will appeal against the verdict, once the motivational judgement has been announced on 17 July 2017.

Mr Shor insists that in the process of trying to protect the financial stability of the country and eradicate corruption he himself lost assets worth over $100 million, his freedom and was subject to a continuous campaign of disinformation to discredit his reputation.

Just a young man – 30 years old – Ilan Shor wants to change a flawed and corrupt system by entering the political sphere, hoping to bring about change from within Moldova.

The European community has already expressed support for Ilan Shor and his party. A number of European parliamentarians attended a round table conference on human rights in Moldova that Shor Party representatives and lawyers also participated in. A delegation of Members of the European Parliament is planning to come to Moldova in July 2017 to hold a personal meeting with Ilan Shor himself.

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